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Privacy Policy of Twoagency s.r.o.

Twoagency s.r.o. doesn’t take the protection of your personal data lightly. Because we strive for maximum personal data protection and security, any such data we collect during your visit to  is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act No. 122/2013 Coll.

SSL Encryption and Security for Your Personal Data

Twoagency s.r.o. uses encryption for greater security and to prevent third parties from gaining access to your personal data. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) transmits personal data we acquire in encrypted form, while simultaneously verifying its authenticity to prevent unwanted third-party misuse. The padlock icon appearing in the status bar of your browser and the corresponding URL starting with “https” lets you easily identify SSL encryption.

Contact Form

You can contact Twoagency s.r.o., using the website form you will find at   Your personal data is stored by us and only used to re-establish contact. This data will be used by us to meet your requirements until Twoagency s.r.o. receives a written statement of disagreement from you about the handling/processing of your data. Personal data Twoagency s.r.o. receives through the contact form are full name, e-mail and telephone number.

Newsletter and News Sent to Your E-mail Address

Signing up for our free regular newsletters is contingent on you providing your email address. Once you have subscribed, you’ll receive a confirmation email you need to confirm by clicking on the link. From that moment on, you are an official subscriber to our newsletters. Your registration will not be validated unless you click on the confirmation link. Your personal data will only be used by us to send the newsletters and is never provided to third parties.

You can change or delete your personal information by clicking on the link at the end of our newsletter. Once these changes are confirmed, your data will be either adjusted to your preferences or completely deleted from our database.

You can cancel our corporate newsletter at any time using the “unsubscribe” link you always find at the bottom of our newsletters. After you confirm your decision to unsubscribe from your newsletter, your personal information will be erased at once. You can also cancel your subscription and request removal of your personal data from our database by sending an e-mail directly to us at

Cookies and Similar Technologies

Protection of Personal Data and Websites

Whenever you visit our website, data and user information will be collected by us, in particular through selected third-party analytics service providers. We use it to track and evaluate user behaviour on This enables us to combine individual statistics together and obtain comprehensive information about the use of our site. These include IP address, geographic location, browser type, browser language, date, times of your visits, site page and sub-page views, clicks on pages and more.

Our website and e-mail messages typically use small “cookie” data files, transparent GIFs, pixel tags, web signage and other similar tools that are useful for collecting and analysing data. This information is used by us to improve our content and increase its relevancy. We also measure the effectiveness of our ads, identify and fix issues and improve the overall impression of our website.

Third-party service providers are used for our online advertising. They typically use pixel tags and other similar features that collect data about your visits to the web, and then use that information to send targeted ads. You will find comprehensive information on how to use information, collect data, and limit or totally cancel any collection of your data on

If you do not agree to the collection of your data using the technologies listed above, you can use a simple procedure in your browser to reject such collection automatically. Most browsers let you opt to completely cancel/refuse the collection of data, accept it, or accept data collection with certain limitations.

Users within the European Union are obliged to give their consent to the use of cookies on all websites. They have the option of modifying the conditions for accepting or refusing cookies on web portals. However, there are types of cookies that are necessary in order for the site to function properly, so prohibiting or refusing them is not possible for users.

Protecting Personal Data When Using Analytical Tools

  • Twoagency s.r.o. uses Google Analytics, Google Dynamics Remarketing and AdWords Conversions to get site statistics and other demographics related to users. We verify their interests and behaviour on relevant websites and through the devices to which they connect. Using Google Search Console, we learn how users found our site. This both improves and optimises our search engine. Learn more about how to use this analytical data. You can use the written consent to modify your personal information or completely prohibit the collection of it.
  • Facebook Ads Reporting: This service provides anonymous information about ad spots and the number of people who have seen, clicked, or responded to the video. Learn more about how to use this analytical data. You can use the written consent to modify or completely prohibit any handling by Facebook Ad Reporting of your personal data.
  •  Facebook Audience Insights: This service anonymously shows the basic demographics of users who view our ad. The lowest viewability limit starts at 1000 people. Learn more about how to use this analytical data. You can use the written consent to modify or completely prohibit any handling by Facebook Ad Reporting of your personal data.


Retargeting and Protection of Your Personal Data

Twoagency s.r.o. uses on its website so called “retargeting” by Facebook Pixel, which Facebook operates. Retargeting allows ads to be shown to visitors who have expressed interest in our services in some way.

Social Networks and Protection of Your Personal Data

We use cookies and other similar web signals on both and Twoagency social networks to collect information about user behaviour, user behaviour and how our websites and applications are used. Social networks that offer interactive plug-ins and other features such as Facebook Connect, “Like” and Google to find friends) are considered to be a third party.

Every social network has created its own privacy rules, which you can read in detail on their websites. The use of third-party data is always covered by these policies. Third parties may use different tracking methods, especially via cookies, for their own purposes. Information about the use of the website is permitted to be linked with other personal data collected about you. Analytical data is also obtained to measure the performance and efficiency of content or advertising on social networks.

Providing Personal Data to Third Parties

In principle, we do not disclose your personal data. It is not provided to any third parties, entities or organisations. Exceptions are made for the entities with which we work in order to properly meet your requirements in accordance with regulations. Your personal data is always available on a one-time basis and just in order to address a particular issue.

By virtue of provisions in Sec. 15 (1)(e)(3) and (4), your personal data is made available as part of labour-related and financial operations under the law and relevant regulations to the following third parties:

  • Accounting companies
  • Banking companies


The controller of the website  is Twoagency s.r.o.

You can receive information from us about the use and protection of your personal data by either e-mailing, or calling +421 910 264 925.

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